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Stargazing Live 2018
Saw something interesting in the credits on this page !
Yeah. Good stuff Joe.
Well done.

Seeing as there's no other thread on the subject & this one is already titled for anything relating ....

A quick report of the Kiama Blow Hole night. 23rd May, 2018.

I was the 1st to arrive just after 5.15 PM, so I waited & waited & waited....
Around 6.45 PM, people started arriving, so the report starts now...

Weather was great with no cloud but the slight N/Easterly breeze kept things cool.

For some reason, I couldn't get my 4" to focus correctly, so I just opted for the binoculars.
The moon was crystal clear at first but a little wispy high cloud made using a high mag a tad iffy.
A fantastic night was had with over 200 people turning up.
All had a great time.

The event was video'd by the local ABC (AFAIK), so there'll be some record available......somewhere. (I don't know where.)

Might see if I can contact Dave Finlay, as he ran the event & kept everyone
up-to-date on the visible objects etc.
Thank you Dave.

It was a very good night.

Image #1. Budding Astronomers.
Image #2. The lighthouse.....with light. Smile
Image #3. Just a small section of the crowd.
Image #4. Congratulations, Dave.

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.jpg   Star-Gazing-Night-Kiama_A budding Astronomer.jpg (Size: 142.08 KB / Downloads: 157)
.jpg   Star-Gazing-Night-Kiama_Light-House.jpg (Size: 30.19 KB / Downloads: 158)
.jpg   Star-Gazing-Night-Kiama-Section-of-the-crowd.jpg (Size: 78.05 KB / Downloads: 153)
.jpg   Star-Gazing-Night-Kiama_Thankyou-Dave.jpg (Size: 95.48 KB / Downloads: 169)
Hi Guys 'n' gals,
Well, it's officially a new record.
We beat the old one by miles, or should that be Light Years?

Anyway, here's the report for you to peruse, if you are so inclined or interested.

I think it was a great idea & the General Public thought so as well.

Congrats to all who participated, even to those who did not attend but did so "in spirit."

ABC Linky >

Regs, Laurie..

ps. At least one new Type 1A Super Nova was discovered with a possible 2nd as well.
Itemised in the article.
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